Al-Time Watches



body: brass anodized matt aluminum

strap: medium grey nylon

hardware: stainless steel

case diameter: 40 mm

total width: 42 mm

<p>body: brass anodized matt aluminum</p><p>strap: medium grey nylon</p><p>hardware: stainless steel</p><p>case diameter: 40 mm</p><p>total width: 42 mm</p>
<p>AL-Time’s take on the iconic diver stye features a rotating stainless steel bezel, and a highly luminescent display. Rugged, waterproof, ultra-lightweight, and highly durable, Courage is a true utility watch. </p><p>Trivia: Purpose-built for marine athletes and explorers during a booming post-war era of scientific research and expedition, the diver style was the preferred watch of Jacques Cousteau and James Bond.</p>