Al-Time Watches



body: black anodized matt aluminum

strap: dark brown nylon

hardware: stainless steel

case diameter: 40 mm

total width: 41 mm

<p>body: black anodized matt aluminum</p><p>strap: dark brown nylon</p><p>hardware: stainless steel</p><p>case diameter: 40 mm</p><p>total width: 41 mm</p>
<p>Rebel incorporates precision tachymeter capabilities and borrows material innovations from the aeronautics industry to issue a rugged, ultra-lightweight update to the classic stopwatch style.</p><p>Trivia: Originally invented as a tool for astronomers, the chronograph was popularized during the reign of King Louis the XVIII (an avid horse-racing fan). In the early 20th century, tachymeter developments made it an ideal watch for speed and racing enthusiasts. The dawn of the age of aviation saw increased demand for the style, which eventually became the official watch of the NASA space program.&nbsp;</p>